Spring Valley Dermatologist

Residents of Spring Valley, Nevada can benefit from Skin And Cancer Institute's services of dermatology treatments, cosmetic procedures and skin cancer removal. With high heat and temperatures above 100, Spring Valley residents can experience excessive sun exposure which can be detrimental to their skin's health. We routinely notice our patients experience greater risk and suceptibility to cancerous tumors, new growths (both dangerous and not), and pre-cancerous lesions. We urge our patients to always wear significant sun protection on exposed areas, including the face and hands and body with a high SPF. We also advise our patients to limit their sun exposure even if wearing SPF because it is in their best interest. We do not recommend tanning beds with dangerous UV lights.

Our practice offers treatments, evaluations and consultations with patients to examine their skin and detect any new or dangerous growths. A skin tag, for example, is not a dangerous growth. A mole is not always dangerous but can change or develop into something more serious. This is taken into consideration when you opt to remove a mole. There is also a consideration that the mole may grow back. Our team of board-certified dermatologists and doctors are expert skin cancer surgeons and can help guide you through all your questions.

If you are interested in any cosmetic enhancement or other medical treatment for a skin condition you may have, contact Skin And Cancer Institute today to schedule your appointment with our team. We also offer plastic surgery procedures as well.

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