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Body Procedures

Plastic surgery on the body can be done to enhance the abdomen, stomach and buttocks. With a Brazilian butt lift or liposuction procedure, or both, the possibilities and potential change to one’s body are endless. A tummy tuck is also a popular choice for post-partum mothers.

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A less painful alternative to liposuction that removes excess fat from unwanted areas on the body.
A tummy tuck can accomplish a slim, toned abdomen region that tightens any loose skin and gives definition to your abs and muscles.
Contouring the body means lifting and tightening various areas of the body where there was weight loss to create definition and sculpt the body.
Liposuction eliminates unwanted fat from various areas of the body with a suction vacuum.
A butt lift can augment and lift the butt using the patient’s own fat as a result of a liposuction procedure.