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Tracy Dermatology & Skin Cancer

652 W. 11th St., Suite 129 Tracy, CA 95376

Tracy Dermatology & Skin Cancer

Skin and Cancer Institute’s prestigious team of board-certified dermatologists, skin care professionals and skin cancer surgeons offers cosmetic and medical treatments to suit your needs. Whether you have a skin growth that is aesthetically displeasing such as a wart, or a painful growth that is concerning you, you can make an appointment to be seen by a dermatologist from our practice to be evaluated. Once a diagnosis is made, the proper treatment or recommendations will be given to you for you to consider.

Cosmetic Treatments for the Skin and Hair

We offer hair loss restoration including platelet rich plasma therapy and Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation. Our office performs acne scar revision procedures using lasers and other techniques.

Patients seeking to treat sagging skin, fine lines, aging and other cosmetic concerns about the face or body can opt for numerous treatment options. In addition to Botox and facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, we offer body contouring treatments that eliminate fat cells.

Medical conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and molloscum contagiousum are also treatable.

Dangerous Skin Growths & Cancer

Pre-cancerous skin lesions, moles, and other skin growths can potentially be worrisome or evolve into something more serious such as a skin tumor. This is why we highly recommend annual skin examinations with a professional licensed dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. Not only do we provide accurate evaluations to our patients, we also give provide treatment options for removal of the tumor where possible, and before the patient’s condition worsens.

If you know someone who is facing a skin cancer tumor, or other dangerous skin growth such as melanoma, contact Skin and Cancer Institute to be seen by the leaidng practitioners in the field. Our team uses various skin cancer removal methods including Mohs micrographic surgery, cryotherapy, electrodesiccation and curettage.

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Tracy Dermatology & Skin Cancer

652 W. 11th St., Suite 129 Tracy, CA 95376

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