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Residents of Laguna Beach, Orange County in search of quality dermatologic care by a board-certified dermatologist and team of experienced and educated professionals is in luck. Skin And Cancer Institute's San Clemente practices offers cosmetic skin enhancements for the face and body, medical treatments for skin conditions, skin cancer removal and plastic surgery. Click here to learn about the founder of Skin And Cancer Institute, a leader in the dermatology practice, Dr. Daniel Taheri.

Aesthetic Treatments for your Skin Concerns

We offer hair loss restoration treatments, varicose vein treatment, tattoo removal, laser hair removal, facial rejuvenation using lasers, Botox and facial fillers. There are a wide selection of treatments available for your particular need or goal which we strive to achieve. From non-surgical face enhancements using new advancements like the PDO thread lift or a non-surgical face lift, to plastic surgery options by one of our cosmetic plastic surgeons. The options are wide and many.

Plastic Surgery Procedures and Options

Our plastic surgeons are careful in their craft whether it be tightening loose skin on the neck, face or around the eyelids, or eliminating unwanted fat from the abdomen and buttocks with liposuction. Alterations to the breast via augmentation is also an option. Individuals looking to enhance the size, proportion or appearance of their breasts or nipples can opt for breast enhancement surgery. Ladies struggling with back pain or heavier breasts may be interested in a breast reduction procedure. Breast lifts are also available for mothers post-partum, after the effects of time and breast feeding have potentially played a toll on the body.

Skin Cancer & Pre-Cancerous Lesions and Tumors

Our skin cancer surgeons are qualified to evaluate you during your check up and examine any new growths on the skin. If you have noticed a particular growth, be sure to point it out to your dermatologist for a recommendation as to whether removal will be necessary. Moles pose a danger as they can evolve and become malignant with time. Any raised bumps, growths or lesions should be examined as well to prevent the development of a precancerous skin lesion or tumor.

Treatment for Medical Concerns

Skin concerns, growths, or unwanted skin conditions must be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist for a solution or treatment plan. For instance, melasma, rosacea, eczema, psorasis, dandruff, nail fungus are conditions that can be remedied with appropriate treatments. Such treatments may involve the use of light therapy or UV lasers. If a growth like a skin tag, wart, or mole is bothersome, they can also be removed.

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