Happy National Pharmacist Day

Happy National Pharmacist Day

This National Pharmacist Day, we want to recognize all the hard-working pharmacists throughout the country who are on their feet most of the day helping fill patient prescriptions. And…we want to give a special shout-out to the Skin and Cancer Institute pharmacists who work on-site as part of your health care team! 

They answer your questions and work closely with your dermatologist to find just the right medication for you. And, they’re your advocates when it comes to getting insurance to pay for your prescriptions. 

In honor of National Pharmacist Day, take the time to thank them! Let our pharmacists know how much you appreciate what they do to improve your care at the Skin and Cancer Institute. 

The Changing Role of A Pharmacist

It used to be that white-coat pharmacists just dispensed medication. But these days, pharmacists do that and so much more. They can advise you on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of your medication. 

On-Site Pharmacists Improve Your Care

They can also monitor your health and progress to ensure your medication is safe and effective. This can enhance your care and help you feel better in the long term. Plus, pharmacists are often advocates for you, helping to navigate your insurance as they work to ensure your prescriptions are covered. 

Patients Trust Pharmacists

Pharmacists are the third most trusted profession in the United States, according to a 2018 Gallup poll. Sixty-six percent of survey respondents ranked a pharmacist’s honesty and ethical standards as “very high.”

Our Pharmacists Are Highly-Qualified

Skin and Cancer Institute pharmacists are licensed professionals who have earned a four-year degree called a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.).

Our On-Site Pharmacists Make Your Life Convenient

Our on-site pharmacists make it easy for you to see your doctor and get your prescription filled simultaneously–all in the same place. Plus: 

  • Get contacted when it is time for your refill
  • Your home delivery is fast and free
  • Your wait time is minimal–your prescription might even be ready by the time you check out 

Insurance Assistance

If insurance denies your prescription, we’ll know right away. Our pharmacy tech can speak directly with your dermatologist for other possible options. 

Prior Authorization

Our pharmacists reduce your prior authorization requests. That’s because we understand dermatology medications and the different payment options.

Reduced Patient Cost

Skin and Cancer Institute pharmacists monitor prices and manufacturer rebates to apply to your prescriptions. Plus, we can assist with any financial concerns you might have.

Better Collaboration

Our pharmacists work directly with your primary care physician or specialist to resolve any problems with your medication.

How Our On-Site Pharmacies Are More Specialized Than Traditional Ones

Compared to traditional pharmacies, your specialty dermatology medications are complex. So, they may not be available from your local pharmacy or require additional monitoring to provide the full benefit of their treatment. 

Bottom Line

This National Pharmacist Day is the perfect time to honor our very own at the Skin and Cancer Institute. They work each day diligently to fill your medications, give you advice, work with your medical team, advocate for you with insurance to get your medications paid for, contact you when it’s time for a refill and provide you with fast, free home delivery. So, take a moment to say, “thank you”. 

Ready to experience the convenience of an on-site pharmacy at your dermatologist’s office? Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help on your journey to healthy skin.