Welcome to Our Dermatology Pharmacy

Our on-site pharmacies are different from traditional pharmacies. Our dermatology specialty medications are more complex and may not be available from your local pharmacy. The on-site pharmacies may require additional monitoring to provide the full benefit of their treatment. We are here to help ensure our patients get effective outcomes and access to medications.

Skin And Cancer Institute - On-site Pharmacies

On-Site Convenience

Come experience the new Skin and Cancer Institute pharmacies located inside our dermatology offices. They offer the ultimate convenience. We make getting your medication easy from beginning to end. Our priority is helping patients live better by offering convenient ways for patients to manage their dermatological concerns.

On-site Convenience

See Your Dermatologist. Get Your Prescription. Save Time.

Our on-site pharmacies carry your dermatology medications. We are ready to help when it comes to:

  • Insurance approvals/Financial concerns
  • How to take your medication/Follow up treatments
  • Home delivery/Refills
  • Telehealth appointments
On-site Convenience

Telehealth Collaboration

If a patient's insurance denies the prescription, our pharmacy technician can speak directly with the dermatologist for other possible options while in-office.

We reduce prior authorization requests by using a more thorough understanding of dermatology medications and the patient’s different payment options.

On-site Convenience

Minimal Wait Time

Prescriptions are ready at the on-site pharmacy by the time the patient checks out. We offer fast, free home delivery or patients can pick up at the pharmacy.

On-site Convenience

Reduced Patient Cost

We monitor prices and manufacturer rebates and apply them to your prescriptions. We can also help you with financial concerns.

On-site Convenience

Patient Experience

Our team will provide education on:

  • Patient medication
  • How to take medication
  • Side effects
  • Drug interactions

We will work directly with the patient’s primary care physician or specialist to resolve any problems with the medication. We will contact the patient when it is time for a refill and to follow up on the treatment.