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Category: Medical Dermatology

person's knees with psoriasis

Tips and Tricks to Cope with Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition that causes the formation of scaly, red patches on the skin. It affects millions of people around the world and can often be difficult to treat. August is Psoriasis Action Month—a time to raise awareness about this often misunderstood disease that affects about two percent of the population, including… read more

older patient showing nurse a mark on her face

The Skin and Cancer Institute Expands: What this Means for Patients.

The Skin and Cancer Institute is excited to announce that several new offices have joined our network of life-saving medical and surgical dermatology services, with half a dozen more on the way this summer. Some of these new offices are located in relatively rural areas of Arizona, Nevada, and California, making our dermatology services more… read more

woman scratching her red back

7 Most Common Skin Rashes: What They Look Like and How to Treat Them

Itchy, red, painful rashes are nobody’s idea of fun. And if you’ve ever had one, you know they can be pretty tricky to get rid of. To make things worse, there are tons of different kinds of rashes, each with its unique symptoms. So how do you know which kind you have? And more importantly,… read more

Man receiving acne scar treatment

Get Rid of Acne Scars with Microneedling

If you’ve ever struggled with acne, you know that the scars it can leave behind can be just as frustrating as the breakouts themselves. Throughout history, people have searched for a solution to fade acne scars, relying on home remedies with limited results. But today, advances in cosmetic dermatology provide hope for people suffering from… read more

Think You Have a Lipoma Bump? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do you feel a bump on your skin but aren’t sure what it is? You may have a lipoma. Lipomas are benign tumors that form from fatty cells. While they are not dangerous, they can be unsightly and sometimes cause pain. If you think you have a lipoma, here’s what you need to know. What… read more

Skin Cysts And What To Do About Them

If you have a skin cyst, you probably dislike how it feels and looks. These hard nobs can be painful and make your skin look less than its best. While cysts are usually nothing serious (medically speaking), you may want to take them seriously if they bother you. What is a Cyst? Cysts are bumps… read more

How Lasers Can Reverse Sun Damage

Are you one of the people who grew up when it was “cool” to bake in the sun? It’s okay. You can admit it. After all, millions of people from your generation are right there with you. They’ve also accumulated sun damage. And with it the consequences, which include aged-looking skin and an increased risk… read more

Love Your Skin This Valentine’s Day

You want to look your best this Valentine’s day, and that means glowing skin that radiates health from the inside out. You want to look great for YOURSELF (and of course, you want that special someone to notice, too).  But how do you get your skin to look radiant fast? Especially if Valentine’s day is… read more

Everything You Need to Know About Treating Acne Scars

We explored how to avoid getting acne scars in our recent blog post, “Can You Clear Acne on Your Own.” That’s where we learned that two (out of six) types of acne–nodules, and cysts–leave SCARS. We learned how to prevent acne scars by seeing a dermatologist for an oral antibiotic.  Let us mention at this… read more

Skin-Healthy Foods to Look Radiant And Prevent Cancer

You want your skin to radiate health, AND you don’t want to get skin cancer. Well, you can get both healthy skin and avoid skin cancer too. How? Eat. Healthy. Foods.  Studies show their antioxidants, immune boosters, and anti-inflammatory properties in food will improve the look of your skin and could reduce your risk of… read more

Can You Clear Acne on Your Own?

So you have acne, and you want it gone. But how? Is it even possible to clear acne on your own? Some people say it is; others say you need to see a dermatologist. What’s the truth? The Skin and Cancer institute put together this guide to answer all these questions and more.   Acne, by… read more

Fall for Healthy Skin

Let’s celebrate national healthy skin month this November with some ideas to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Most of them center around avoiding the sun, which is responsible for 90 percent of visible signs of aging, like wrinkles. We’ll also talk about tips and tricks to help you maximize your moisture during… read more

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