About Our Practice

The #1 medical dermatology team in California, Nevada and Arizona offering the most advanced treatments for acne, skin cancer, rashes and skin growths, cosmetic injectables and laser treatments.

Happy Patient

The staff is amazing! I go every two weeks for special treatment, and everyone there makes what should be an unpleasant visit a pleasant and enjoyable one. Very clean and professional. Highly recommend!

- Michelle K Las Vegas, NV

About us

Skin and Cancer Institute integrates cutting-edge evidence-based medicine science into our personalized dermatology care. No matter what skin related concern brings our patients to Skin and Cancer Institute, they can feel the confidence that we have the expertise, resources, and knowledge to help our patients overcome it.

We are a full-service Dermatology practice, with a scope of skincare services, we can offer best-in-class care for most skin-related concerns. Our areas of expertise range from early detection and treatment for skin cancers, medical dermatology to cosmetic dermatology. Having our own dermatopathology lab allows us to focus 100% on skin health. Most recently, we’ve added on-site pharmacies which offer our patients convenience and direct access to their dermatology prescriptions. Skin and Cancer Institute is the preferred dermatology office in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Our Promise

We promise to listen, be compassionate, and take care of all patients' concerns so the experience is as comfortable as possible. We will explain treatment options in a professional, easy to understand manner and help decide which treatment best fits our patient’s lifestyle, budget and needs.

Our History

In 1997, Dr. Daniel Taheri established the Skin and Cancer Institute, where he currently serves as the CEO and Chief Medical Director. In the beginning, his small dermatology office offered basic medical and cosmetic procedures. As business boomed, he soon added improved treatment options and made plans to open more facilities throughout Los Angeles. As Taheri and his team researched new office locations, they began to notice an unsettling trend. The tristate area was riddled with patient populations who would have to travel hours outside their hometowns just to be treated by a dermatologist. It was particularly problematic for patients in desperate need of lifesaving skin cancer treatment and screening. Troubled by this statistic, they abandoned plans to serve high income populations and instead restructured Taheri’s business model to work for underserved communities. In no time at all, Skin and Cancer Institute opened facilities in multiple areas in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Today, Skin and Cancer Institute are among the top care providers of medical and cosmetic dermatology in the western United States.

Our current services include: