Plastic Surgery
At Skin And Cancer Institute, we offer plastic surgery services in connection with the body, breasts and certain areas of the face. Breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, butt lift, eyelid blepharoplasty, neck and facelift are available procedures.
Plastic Surgery for the Face, Body & Breasts
Plastic surgery options range from the body, face and breasts. At Skin And Cancer Institute, we offer breast reduction surgery, breast lift, and breast implants or augmentation. For facial surgeries, we offer our patients a necklift, facelift or eyelid blepharoplasty. Body procedures include a tummy tuck, liposuction with our without a laser (both options are available), a Brazilian butt lift, body sculpting, and more.
Tummy tuck, liposuction, butt lift, contouring, and VASERLipo are cosmetic plastic surgery procedures we offer.
Breast enlargement or augmentation, breast lift for sagging breasts and breast reduction for large/heavy breasts are popular breast surgeries.
Eliminate droopy skin around the eyes via eyelid blepharoplasty procedure, rejuvenate your face with a facelift and get rid of sagging neck skin with a necklift.
Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery Options
A neck lift is a popular choice for those with excess and loose skin on the neck. A neck lift will tighten any hanging droopy skin on the neck, allowing for a younger neckline and more attractive appearance. This procedure can eliminate years of aging. A facelift, similarly, also reverses the signs of aging significantly. A facelift is a more serious surgery and will require notable recovery time. A facelift can eliminate upwards of 20 years of aging to the face. Another plastic surgery we perform at Skin And Cancer Institute is eyelid blepharoplasty. Eyelid blepharoplasty can be performed on both or either the upper eyelid and lower eyelid. In short, an incision is made and any drooping skin around the eyelid is removed. This creates a significant rejuvenation to the face and specifically to the upper region of the face around the eyes.
Surgeries on the Body and Breasts
Breast augmentation enhancement procedures are available at our practices. A breast lift is a popular procedure postpartum and after breastfeeding and is often performed in conjunction with sagging breasts. A breast reduction is also important for individuals struggling with heavy breasts causing increased pressure and undue weight which can lead to long-term back and body pain.
Enhancements to the body include eliminating fat from the abdomen and stomach by liposuction, increasing the plumpness or size of the buttocks by a Brazilian butt lift, sculpt the body with a tummy tuck or increase your cup size with breast augmentation surgery. We offer a less-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction as well which is called VaserLipo.