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At Skin And Cancer Institute, we believe that your skin deserves the very best care. That’s why we combine traditional dermatology practices with the latest and greatest in skincare technology. Whether you’re looking for a solution to acne, wrinkles, sun damage, or another skincare concern, we can provide you with the most effective treatments available. 

Dr. Taheri Featured on NBC

Discussing the Risks of Tanning

Dr. Daniel Taheri, is the author of the book called, “Practical Management of Skin Cancer”. He explains the dangers of tanning beds and tanning in general. These dangers include a variety of skin cancers and avoidance is the best way to prevent the development of skin cancer.
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Enhance your natural beauty.

At Skin And Cancer Institute, we offer the latest and most advanced cosmetic treatments and procedures for medical dermatology conditions of the face and body. We have a team of highly trained and experienced dermatologists, surgeons, nurses, and other specialists who are among the best in their field.

I am in my 20's
  • When Your Skin is in its Prime

    Lip enhancement, fillers, and laser hair removal are popular services many opt to undergo in their 20s. Acne treatment, laser treatment, and other techniques to treat dryness, redness, pigmentation and more are available. We also offer hair removal treatments. With cutting edge lasers and techniques, our board-certified dermatologists and team of surgeons can address all cosmetic concerns.

  • Vibrant Skin in your 30's

    In your 30s, you can enjoy rejuvenated skin with minor to major cosmetic touches. From scar treatment and tattoo removal, our team of expert dermatologists and surgeons is at your service. Facials, rejuvenation procedures, Botox, facial fillers, microneedling, and microdermabrasion are all popular procedures.

  • Rejuvenated Skin in your 40's

    When a woman enters her 40s, many changes can occur both to the face as well as the body. Many of our female patients opt to undergo cosmetic treatments at this time. Cosmetic solutions are non-invasive and have minimal to no recovery time like with Botox or fillers like Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, and more.

  • Maintenance when 50

    Many of our patients need to treat eczema, psoriasis, and concerns like skin cancer prevention and screening. Cosmetically, there are laser treatments to treat different facial concerns and accomplish goals like eliminating pigmentation or facial redness. We also offer procedures like Botox injections to smooth wrinkles and facial fillers to regain lost volume in areas like the lips and cheeks.

  • Cosmetic Improvements in Your 60's

    Plastic surgery and skin cancer treatment and removal are predominant services offered at Skin And Cancer Institute. Women in their 60s can benefit from a PDO Thread Lift and other facial rejuvenation procedures like injectables and fillers. Patients suffering from skin cancer can have healthy skin with procedures like Mohs surgery.

  • Treatments you Want when your 70

    Whether it's Dryness, pigmentation, dark spots, or something else, skin problems can be a real pain. Luckily, there are a number of cosmetic treatments that can help. Fractional C02 laser and Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) are both popular options for treating various skin conditions. If you're looking to restore lost volume in your cheeks or lips, injectables like fillers are also an option. Kybella is a popular choice for eliminating fat in the chin area.

  • Skin Cancer Removal in your 80s

    A main concern with age is maintaining healthy skin in general. This means skin cancer prevention, detection, and screening. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with skin cancer, then proper timely removal is critical. If the precancerous skin lesion or tumor is on the face, then Mohs surgery will likely be the technique of choice, enabling the surgeon to preserve the most amount of healthy skin.

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The world is changing and so is our practice. To best serve our patients, we offer dermatology telehealth services from the comfort of your home. Unparalleled service, immediate availability and by far the lowest dermatology telehealth price in the United States. Skin And Cancer Institute is always one step ahead in providing supreme dermatologic care.
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